Aug 25

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The Working And Herding Breeds Club Of The Cape – Working Trials Championship Show 2013

The second of our August Championship Working Trials shows was held today at Matjieskuil. We all fought our way through the mist on the N1 and arrived at a freezing cold and very misty field. The sun soon came up and the mist cleared for a superb day. No jackets, short sleeve T-shirts but not too hot for the dogs.

Misty Morning

Misty Morning

We had some great results with competitors going home beaming from ear to ear. Particularly our ladies in TDIII where we had three qualifications. Well done to Bobby who qualified with both her dogs, Quest and Tyler, both yesterday and today and to Sheila and Bronte for earning their second qualification in TDIII.

Quando - TDIII Quartering Search

Quando – TDIII Quartering Search

The other qualification today went to Linda and Odie who qualified in TDI. That gave us four qualifications out of nine entrants again today. A very successful weekend for Working Trials.


Tracker Dog I
1st Odie/Linda Golden Retriever Qualified
2nd Katie-Morag/Jane Border Collie
Tracker Dog II
1st Daks/Gill Beagle
Tracker Dog III
1st Tyler/Bobby Border Collie Qualified Excellent
2nd Quest/Bobby Border Collie Qualified
3rd Bronte/Sheila German Shepherd Dog Qualified
4th Quando/Angie German Shepherd Dog
5th Charlie/Camilla English Springer Spaniel
6th Rummy/Richard Labrador Retriever  
Quest, Tyler, Gretchen, Daks, Odie, Quando, Bronte, Rummy, Charlie

Quest, Tyler, Gretchen, Daks, Odie, Quando, Bronte, Rummy, Charlie

Grateful thanks yet again to our tracklayers, working trials secretary and our judge who gave up his entire weekend to judge our Shows. Not forgetting our sponsors, Kyron Labs, and the Working And Herding Breeds Club Of The Cape for allowing us to hold the working trials show under their license.


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