Apr 19

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Cape Welsh Corgi Working Trials Show – 2014

Besides Companion Dog which is sometimes on offer at obedience, agility and flyball shows, the Cape Welsh Corgi Show in Richwood on Saturday was our first show for the season held out in the veld with tracking on offer.

Western Cape Working Trials

Western Cape Working Trials

We’re happy to have some new competitors in the Companion Dog category and hope to see the numbers grow even more during the year. Some of the new members are just starting out and we wish them loads of fun and success. It was also great to have some guests pop-in today. Good to see Stella and Chris out in the fields.

Richard Davis and I did our learner judge appointments for Tracker Dog 1 today so a big thank you to our competitors who had us tagging along with their judge and to Angie for overseeing. As a reminder, here’s what the dogs need to do for Tracker Dog I.

Best track of the day went to Odie. He was superb to watch and this dog really epitomises what working trials is all about, from the track right through to the obedience and agility. A happy, working dog. Odie got an awesome 95% overall gaining an excellent qualification. Another great track today was from Katie. This girl’s tracking just gets better and better. Lovely to see the improvement in her focus and the tracks being less hectic.

Odie - Every Reason To Look Happy!

Odie – Every Reason To Look Happy!

We saw great progress from our Companion Dog competitors. For those who haven’t attempted it, don’t underestimate this qualification. Everything needs to come together on the day and competing on the farm is totally different to competing on a club field. Handlers have so much to focus on as the surface is rough and distractions for the dogs abound. A great effort guys.

Sambuca - Welcome To The Fields

Sambuca – Welcome To The Fields

In Tracker Dog II we only had one competitor today. Nice to see Louis and Siobhan back after a bit of a break.

Siobhan - Tracker Dog II

Siobhan – Welcome Back

Today we had two qualifying tracks and one qualification overall


Companion Dog
1st Mieka/Sue German Shepherd
2nd Sambuca/Amanda Flat Coat Retriever
Tracker Dog I Dog
1st Odie/Linda Golden Retriever Qualified Excellent
2nd Katie/Jane Border Collie
Tracker Dog II
1st Siobhan/Louis Border Collie

Thanks to the Cape Welsh Corgi Club for always supporting Working Trials and allowing us to hold a show under their KUSA licence. Not forgetting our track layers Richard and Richard :)

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