Sep 18

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Cape Rottweiler Working Trials Championship Show 2013


So, since Daks and I hadn’t entered the September Shows and I never had anything scheduled for the Sunday I got roped in as a track layer for the Cape Rottweiler Show. I’ve laid a number of tracks over the past few years but laying tracks for a show is a whole new ball-game. We only have four championship shows a year in the Western Cape and our competitors work hard through out the year for the chance of a qualification and a KUSA certificate at one of these shows.

So, us track layers headed out at a quarter to seven to start laying our tracks and … the heavens opened and … the rain came down. Barely able to see and squinting into the rain the tracks were laid. One of the competitors later described this as ‘sheet rain and a wind chill factor of two degrees’.

Our judge even found her pen floating in her pocket! No kidding, the rain and wind didn’t let up and conditions just proved to be too difficult on the day.

If you’ve been following the Working Trials posts over the past year, you’ll see our dogs have been qualifying and moving up through the grades. The fact that we had no qualifications on this day is no reflection on their ability or dedication and I have to say, a big well done to everyone. Not a single team that entered the show failed to arrive. In that appalling weather, I think you’ll have to agree they’re all winners.

And our winners were really grateful and happy to receive the fantastic stainless steel prizes from PresSpin. Thanks so much for sponsoring our show and acknowledging the hard work put in by our teams of dogs and handlers.

All Winners!

All Winners!

Tracker Dog II
1st Odie/Linda Golden Retriever
2nd Katie/jane Border Collie
Tracker Dog III
1st Charlie/Camilla English Springer Spaniel
2nd Bronte/Sheila German Shepherd
3rd Tyler/Bobby Border Collie
4th Quest/Bobby Border Collie
5th Rummy/Richard Labrador Retriever

Photo Credit: Camilla Berry

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