Sep 16

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Cape Handlers Dog Club Working Trials Champ Show 2013

Daks and I weren’t at the Cape Handlers Show on Saturday but by all accounts it was a rough start to the day but warmed up and became quite pleasant later on. Still, conditions were tough for both the handlers and the dogs.

Weather wise it’s always the luck of the draw. Last September we had such heat on the one day the dogs really battled and this weekend was the opposite extreme. With these trying conditions, there were only two qualifications but both of them graded excellent, which is over 90%.

Katie and Jane qualified in Tracker Dog I winning the Cape Handlers Cup. Well done! Angie and Quando also achieved an excellent qualification in Tracker Dog III. Two shows, two qualifications! We were all thrilled to hear this.

Thanks to Camilla for sending us this great pic of judge Bobby and Jane and Katie.

Bobby, Jane and Katie

Bobby, Jane and Katie

Tracker Dog I
1st Katie/Jane Border Collie Qualified(Excellent)
Tracker Dog II
1st Odie/Linda Golden Retriever
Tracker Dog III
1st Quando/Angie German Shepherd Qualified(Excellent)
2nd Charlie/Camilla English Springer Spaniel
3rd Rummy/Richard Labrador
4th Bronte/Sheila German Shepherd

Photo Credit: Camilla Berry

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