Aug 17

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Working Trials – Tracker Dog I

When you have a blog or a website, there a certain tools available that enable you see how many people have accessed your site and how they located it. Recently, someone found our site by searching with the words ‘Can a Beagle do working trials?’ Hopefully it wasn’t someone who knows me and was checking on my sanity levels!


More Than Just A Pretty Face

Jokes aside, the answer to this question is ‘Yes, they can.’ Anyone can. Beagles may not be as consistent as some breeds but they’ll have a lot of fun, learn a lot, and your relationship with your dog will be better for having taken part. I’ve already done a post on Companion Dog and the requirements to qualify so here’s the next grade,Tracker Dog I. All things a beagle or any breed can achieve.

First Place In Companion Dog – CHDC February 2012

A lot of the Control and Agility exercises are the same or similar to those for Companion Dog with a few having a slight increase in difficulty.

There are the same three groups of exercises that you need to to get 70% in and a total score of 80% or more to qualify applies throughout Working Trials. For TDI, this means you need 160 or more out of 200.


The heights for the dogs for the agility exercises are based on the dog’s height at the withers (shoulder). Dogs under 25cm are classified as small and dogs between 25cm and 45cm are medium while any dogs over 45cm are classified as large.

Group I – Control

    (Required pass mark 35/50)

  • Heel Off Lead – (10)
  • Send Away – 30 meters (15)
  • Dumbell Retrieve (10)
  • 10 Minute Out Of Sight Down Stay (10)
  • Steadiness To Gunshot – not a qualifying exercise (5)

Group II – Agility

    (Required pass mark 14/20)

  • Clear Jump – 30cm for small dogs, 45cm for medium dogs and 80cm for large dogs (5)
  • Long Jump – 60cm for small dogs, 1.2m for medium dogs and 2m for large dogs (5)
  • A Frame – 1m for small dogs, 1.5m for medium dogs and 1.8m for large dogs (10)

Group III – Nosework

    (Required pass mark 91/130)

  • Controlled Search – Retrieve 4 articles from a 25 square meter area within 5 minutes – need 2 to qualify (30)
  • Leash Track – 600m long track of approximately 30 minutes old with a maximum of 4 corners and 1 article (100)

Returning With A Search Article

To the person that asked ‘Can a beagle do working trials?’, all you need to compete with a beagle is a slightly thicker skin than most people and a little more patience :)

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