Jul 30

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Nursery Ravine


I’ve done Nursery Ravine a few times in the past but Daks and I haven’t done it together. We tackled it on Sunday and enjoyed the walk but did find it a little restrictive with all the leash laws and no dog pathways from Kirstenbosch Gardens. I guess we’ve just been spoilt with all the off leash walks we enjoy in the area.



We entered at Rycroft Gate, entrance is R55 for adults and you need your Activity Card for your dog to gain entry. We headed up to the left on the dog walking path, continuing left into a portion of Cecelia Forest where the dogs could be off lead. It was a brilliant, sunny day and not too warm with no wind so we had a lovely walk.

Daks had some doggy company as his ‘cousin’, Riley the labby, and family were with us.


Once you get down to the Ravine, it’s all dogs on lead and quite a steep ascent and descent. So I wouldn’t recommend it if your dog is super strong and pulls on leash 😉





We enjoyed the walk but I can’t see it becoming a regular one for us. Society places so many restrictions on our dogs, often with good reason and for their safety, that I’d rather spend our weekend walks in places where there is more freedom for well behaved and well socialised dogs.


I’m including a map of the on leash/no dog areas for your convenience.

No dogs

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