Oct 08

Get Your Waggle On – 30th October 2016


It’s that time of year again. The much anticipated SPCA Wiggle Waggle. One of the biggest fundraisers for the Cape Of Good Hope SPCA. You can pre-enter via the following link or enter on the day.

Typically it’s quite warm so don’t forget the hats and sunblock and keep both humans and doggies well hydrated. Since it’s a Halloween theme this year, if you get tired you can ride on your broom for a bit while you catch your breath :)


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Oct 04

Honeywood Farm

Arriving at Honeywood Farm

Arriving at Honeywood Farm

Honeywood Farm near Heidelberg will have you relaxing from the moment you arrive. We stayed at Hunter’s Lodge, a converted labourer’s cottage perched on top of a hill. Rustic and comfortable you have perfect views to savour and long walks to enjoy. It’s well know amongst the mountain biking community and has a few nice long routes for cycling.

Accommodation wise there are a few cottages at the main farmhouse, a barn type building when you have large numbers and then Hunter’s Lodge and Woody’s which are more private and isolated. Now, we all know what bacon and braaivleis smell like to us so you can imagine what it smells like to a hound, a scent hound. This means I generally try and book cottages that are more private so Daks can have the freedom to explore without me having to be concerned that he’s inviting himself to dine with the neighbours.

Hunter's Lodge

Hunter’s Lodge

Woody's In The Distance

Woody’s In The Distance

Daks and I enjoyed long walks every morning and afternoon and really enjoyed our stay. The stars at night have nothing to dim their lustre and beauty and Honeywood is far enough off the beaten track to be completely quiet and peaceful at night.



We spent much of the beautiful, still winter days on the deck appreciating the view. Do be aware that the cows here are pretty friendly so your dogs do need to be well behaved around livestock. Also, I think if you are taking a dog with Hunter’s may be the better choice between Hunter’s and Woody’s because, although we didn’t see any baboons, we heard them in the forest near Woody’s. We also spotted some hare’s on our evening walks which were cause for much excitement and a chance to practice recalls with ‘extreme’ distractions :)

Cattle Watching From The Deck

Cattle Watching From The Deck

On our last morning there, there was some heavy cloud cover and then the mist rolled in. Fantastic.

Heavy Cloud Cover

Heavy Cloud

Misty Morning

Misty Morning

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Sep 23

Vet-Run Online Pet Store Gets the Paw’s Up From Pet Owners


It’s not every day that you can grab a bag of your pooch’s favourite pellets and get free advice from a vet at the same time. But that’s exactly what you can expect when you visit Zuki.co.za, the online pet supply store run by Gauteng-based veterinarian, Dr Roxanne Jones.

“There are plenty of online pet shops that sell food and other supplies, but we wanted Zuki.co.za to be more than just your average pet food shop,” says Dr Jones, who practices in Krugersdorp.

“Of course, customers expect top-class service and quick delivery, and that’s at the core of our online shopping business. But Zuki.co.za also strives to be a resource for trustworthy information and support when it comes to taking care of beloved pets.”

Via the Zuki.co.za blog, Dr Jones focuses on educating people so they can minimise the risk of their ‘furbabies’ getting ill. Informative posts, which she writes herself, cover a wide range of topics based on issues she encounters daily while she is practising. “By sharing these experiences, I’m able to help pet owners take better care of their animals, and also to recognise any signs that their pets may need medical attention.”
Subscription service takes the irritation out of flea and tick treatment. Aside from educating customers and blog visitors, Zuki.co.za aims to bring a lick of convenience to pet owners’ lives.

“Most pet owners, no matter how diligent, have had to rush out after work or at night to top up on food. They end up having to buy overpriced, unhealthy options from a petrol station, which is not ideal for their wallets or their pets’ health,” says Dr Jones.

Via Zuki.co.za, customers can simply order online and have their pets’ food and other supplies delivered to their homes or offices according to a set schedule. “There’s no lugging heavy bags to a car park or having to factor in time to get to the shops. It takes all the guesswork out of feeding pets a healthy and nutritious diet.”


An innovative addition to the site is the option to subscribe to regular deliveries of flea and tick control. “These treatments usually need to be administered every month or every three months depending on brand, but it’s easy to forget until you notice your cat or dog scratching like mad – and by then, they’re already suffering.” Instead, customers can subscribe to receive flea and tick treatments along with their food deliveries.

“Everything about Zuki.co.za is geared towards empowering pet owners to give their animals the best possible care,” says Dr Jones. “Our dream is to build Zuki.co.za into a leading source of education, advice and quality products for South African pet owners.”

Shop online at Zuki.co.za and get free delivery on all orders over R400.00. You can also visit the blog for a wealth of pet care information, advice and tips provided by a vet.


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