Nov 09

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The Beardies – Sharing

This wonderful article was submitted to us by Kathy and is of her Bearded Collies, Jake, Jethro and Jinja.

I was recently browsing through some of the many, many photos of my 3 Bearded Collies and came across this photo of Jake and Jinja, taken in March 2009, just a few days after Jake’s 5th Birthday and thought ‘Aw, how cute they look sharing one of Jake’s birthday presents!’

Jake and Jinja

Jake and Jinja

Spurred on by the warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart, I went in search of more photos that were similar and found one of Jethro and Jinja taken on Jethro’s 4th birthday in December 2008. ‘How sweet they look!’

Bearded Collies - Jethro and Jinja

Jethro and Jinja

I thought it would be nice to celebrate Jinja’s 3rd birthday, on Guy Fawkes day 2010, with a similar photo. So, armed with camera and one of her birthday presents, I perched myself on the back step and threw the toy for them to fetch in the hopes of getting a great pic of them sharing the cute stuffed, squeaky dog. My hopes were quickly dashed when they grabbed it at either end and with great vigour, pulled it away from each other – thoughts of sharing far, far from their minds, and literally 8 seconds later it was ripped apart, stuffing scattered all over the garden!

Battle Of The Beardies

Battle Of The Beardies

So, it seems that when Jinja was 13 months and 15 months old the boys were respectful of her youth, but now that she’s 3 years old, all bets are off and it’s every Beardie for him/herself!

Bearded Collies Tug Of War

Tug Of War

Toy Torn Apart by Bearded Collies


Photo credit: Kathy

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  1. Wonderfull pics, one can see they are a happy bunch!

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