Jan 24

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What’s New At Jump Agility Dogs For 2015

What's New For 2015

Kath from Jump has two new activities scheduled for dogs and dog lovers during 2015.

For the puppies under 12 months there is the SuperPups class and for the older doggies there’s the SuperDogs BOOTCAMP. It certainly looks like it will be great fun and it’s always nice to do these things as part of a group and get tips from others and feedback on your progress. Not forgetting the beautiful venue.

Proprioception is great not only for agility dogs but for any dog. Although Daks and I don’t compete anymore I still focus on training him so he gets both physical and mental stimulation and he stays physically strong and mentally agile. Besides, he won’t rest at night after his walk and dinner unless he’s done some form of ‘play’.

Here’s a clip to wet your appetite and see some amazing body awareness. If you try this at home, remember to take it slowly to build up muscle strength and don’t push your dogs too far too quickly.

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