Sep 24

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International Handlers Workshop – November 2015

Kath from JUMP Agility Dogs has done it again! This year she is bringing out two exceptional handlers from the UK. Laura Chudleigh and Ann Harmes will be in Cape Town from the 1st until the 17th of November. The working spots tend to go very quickly but there is always space for observers. This is such a wonderful opportunity and definitely one to be grabbed with both hands. The program is subject to change so please contact Kath with any questions regarding this event.

With one of the previous workshops, we could only get a spot to observe but when we arrived someone offered us their working spot as there were birds on the field and she knew her dog wouldn’t focus. I was completely unprepared and only had a few treats but luckily friends pitched in and donated. So, even if you don’t have a working spot, be prepared as you never know what luck may come your way.




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