Sep 25

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Working Trials Is Alive and Very Well

Happy Working Trials Bunch

Happy Working Trials Bunch

Although I haven’t covered many shows this year due to life interfering with my plans, it’s been an exceptional year for Working Trials in the Western Cape. Our sport has shown phenomenal growth in the past year and while Daks and I were off traipsing around the country side in August, the intrepid trackers were doing their thing back home and we had a record number of entries at the Western Province Rottweiler Show with sixteen competitors.

Not only were the number of entries amazing but the results were as well. There were ten qualifications on the Saturday, five of these being Excellent(above 90%) and four of those qualifications in TDIII with three excellents. On the Sunday at the Working and Herding Breeds Club Of The Cape, there was no companion dog on offer and the number of entries was nine. Most notable score for the weekend was Angie and Quando’s qualification in TDIII with 98%. Wow!

Probably the happiest news was that our good friends Charlie, the Springer Spaniel, and Camilla achieved an excellent qualification in TDlll. Since this was his third qualification at that level and an excellent, Charlie earned his Champion Title. Well done guys!

Charlie and Camilla Tracking

Charlie and Camilla Tracking

Also a big well done to Katie and Jane who qualified excellent in TDII and moved up to TDIII and to Walcko and Carl who qualified in TDI.

Western Province Rottie Prize Winners

Western Province Rottie Prize Winners

The September Champ Shows were pretty tough as the fields were full of beautiful flowers which caused much sneezing for the dogs and made the tracking conditions very difficult. In true working trials spirit the handlers took everything in their stride and while it’s difficult to end a weekend of competing and tracking without a signature on your card, the atmosphere at base camp was still upbeat and joyful.

Richard and Rummy also have three qualifications in TDIII and just chasing that excellent to make Champion status. We’re watching you guys :)

Rummy and Richard

Rummy and Richard

If I was to list the success stories of the season I would be bound to miss somebody out so I’ll just say we’ve seen phenomenal progress from the new competitors with members qualifying in Companion Dog and TDI. On the Tracking Trials front, we’ve seen qualifications from the new members in TTI and TTII.

We ended the tracking season today with the Belgian Shepherd Club Tracking Trials Show. Great efforts from our new competitors in TTI with Eve and Maureen qualifying in first place and Walcko and Carl qualifying in second place.

Eve - First Qualification, Second Birthday

Eve – First Qualification, Second Birthday

Unfortunately there were no qualifications in TTII today but in TTIII we had a great qualification from Katie and Jane and in TTIV Charlie and Camilla had the track of the day qualifying excellent with 91%.

Our day ended with the AGM and a lovely braai at the club. All that’s left of the working trials competitions is the Cape Handlers Dog Club Companion Dog stake on Saturday at Theo Marais Park. Good luck to all.

This really is a fantastic way to spend time with your dogs and we hope to see our numbers staying strong and the spirit of working trials continue for many years to come. This last pic I just had to include. Charlie and Daks, long time friends. Love this photo of our boys.

Charlie and Daks xxx

Charlie and Daks – Besties xxx

Photo Credits: Camilla Berry, Eve – Maureen van Wyk

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