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Dobermann Club Of The Cape Show – 2015

The Dobermann Club Of The Cape Championship Show was held at Theo Marais Park in Cape Town on the 28th March 2015. The Dobie Club are always great supporters of Working Trials and thanks to the hard work put in by our trainers, the number of entrants in our discipline is growing. We’re looking forward to a busy and competitive season. Thanks to everyone who entered and to our sponsors, Hills.

There’s a new class in Working Trials called Beginner Companion Dog. It isn’t a required entry level class and is optional for people starting out in the sport and dipping their toe into the competitive world of working trials. I’ll do a post on the requirements in the near future but it’s available on the KUSA website for those that are interested.

Walkco Searching

Walkco Searching

In Beginner’s Companion Dog we had a lovely qualification from the ever enthusiastic Bella and in Companion Dog, a qualification went to Walkco. It’s been lovely to see how this boy has grown in confidence over the last year. Well done guys.

As all competitors in working trials know, part of what makes working trials more difficult than other disciplines is that there are three categories and you need to qualify in all three with 70% and achieve 80% overall to qualify. This means that you can get a qualifying score of over 80% and still not qualify because of one category.

The three categories are Obedience, Agility and Nosework. To qualify, everything needs to come together on the day. This is not always easy so it’s really important to enjoy the journey.

We had two great qualifications on the day


Beginners Companion Dog
1st Bella/Philip Labrador Retriever Qualified
Companion Dog
1st Walkco/Carl German Shepherd Dog Qualified
2nd Mieka/Sue German Shepherd Dog
3rd Lobo/Janine German Shepherd Dog
4th Tili/Fiona Australian Cattle Dog
5th Bella/Philip Labrador Retriever
6th Sambuca/Amanda Flatcoat Retriever
7th Peggy-Sue/Carol Border Collie
Some Of Our Competitors Warming Up

Some Of Our Competitors Warming Up

Worth mentioning here is that the most difficult exercise is the ten minute out of sight down stay. It’s quite interesting to note that, of the competitors who didn’t qualify in the stay, they all broke during the first few seconds of the exercise. So, for aspiring working trials competitors, the thing to get right, is for your dog to be happy for you to leave them in the down and disappear from view.

Mieka Doing the Long Jump

Mieka Doing the Long Jump

Well done everyone, we say some great obedience displays and some flawless agility exercises. See you all again on the 25th April for the Cape Welsh Corgi Show.

Photo Credits: Camilla Berry

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