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Agility World Championships 2013

Gill : 24 July 2013 1:59 pm : Agility, Announcements





united_states_of_america_fluttering_flag_256 Tickets are now on sale for the Agility World Championships to be held from the 11th – 13th October 2013 at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg

There are a limited number of preferential seating tickets available at R200 for the 4 days. For singe day attendance, the cost is R80 per day for adults and R50 per day for children.

Visit Pet-Expo site to book and for all the information about the event.






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Pure Joy

Gill : 31 May 2013 8:14 am : Agility, Videos

This puppy is so happy you just have to smile when watching. Have a great weekend.

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SADAA Western Province Regional Trials

Gill : 12 March 2013 8:18 am : Agility

Agility enthusiasts that are competing have already entered so this is for anyone that’s curious about the sport of agility or who’d just like to have a fun day out and watch some great canine athletes.

For anyone outside of the agility world, agility in South Africa is held under two different organisations, The Kennel Union Of South Africa (KUSA) and the South African Dog Agility Association (SADAA). Dogs compete according to their height (at the withers) and KUSA has 3 height categories while SADAA has 4.

With over 100 dogs entered there’ll be loads of talent and lots of different doggies to watch. Entry for spectators is free and parking isn’t an issue at this venue.

SADAA WP Regional Trials

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FCI Agility 2013 World Championship Website

Gill : 10 October 2012 8:17 am : Agility, Snippets

News in via email is that the website promoting the FCI Agility 2013 World Championship has been launched. Visit My Pet Expo to check it out. I’m looking forward to lots of information appearing as the time gets closer and we count down to October 2013.

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Good Luck Team SA!

Gill : 28 September 2012 11:53 am : Agility, Snippets

The South African Agility Team are on their way to Liberec in the Czech Republic for the FCI Agility 2012 World Champs. We wish them the best of luck and hope they have a fantastic time. You can follow them on their Facebook page which they’ll try and update regularly.

On Wednesday, 3rd October, the schedule kicks off with a press conference. Team registration, veterinary checks and training on the morning of the 4th are followed by the opening ceremony at 14h30.

The official website has all info relating to FCI Agility World Championships 2012. Lots of news including the schedule of events, judges and all the rest. Live streaming is also available for those with fast enough line speeds.

We’re looking forward to some great results from our team.

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Fun Dog Walk – 15 September 2012

Gill : 10 September 2012 1:47 pm : Agility, Events

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Agility Tunnels

Gill : 17 May 2012 8:43 am : Agility, Doggy Accessories

Kath from Jump Agility Dogs will be placing orders for agility tunnels in the next week or so. We love ours as it’s light for me to carry and cooler for Daks during the hot summer months.

Happiness Is

These tunnels comply with the South African requirements of a 60cm diameter. You can choose between 4m, 5m and 6m lengths and select your own colour combinations. The prices vary for one, two or three colours and the different lengths.

Choose your own colours

Standard colours are green, navy blue, red, white, yellow and black but non standard colours can be arranged at an additional cost. Check out Superdogs for additional information like pricing and for contact details.


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Top Dogs Wow The Crowds At Kyalami

Gill : 16 April 2012 2:23 pm : Agility, Articles, Dogs in the News

Thanks to Candy Tothill for sending us the Press Release on the Nutriphase Animal Carnival held at Kyalami. Well done to all the winners!

Tail-wagging fun and fierce competition were the order of the day at the Nutriphase Animal Carnival dog show at Kyalami over the weekend.  Held in conjunction with the Nissan Easter Festival which was hosted by the Gauteng Horse Society, the show saw animal lovers and their four-footed friends flock to the Kyalami Equestrian Park in their numbers to join the fun.  Dog handlers put canines through their paces in the agility, flyball, dog dancing, dog jumping and knock pairs classes.  Back-to-back finals were the order of the day on Easter Monday when top dogs wowed the crowds with their speed and accuracy through agility and dog jumping courses designed by renowned judges Bill Middleton and Bobby Boyd.

The magnificent border collie, Chace and handler, Julie Yates sped their way through a particularly challenging agility course to win the prestigious title of Nutriphase Agility Grand Challenge Champion 2012.  Handler, Gail Killian’s dogs Ricki and Tyla, both Shetland Sheepdogs, miraculously took both second and third place respectively.  The ultimate event of the show, the Nutriphase Agility Grand Challenge is a perpetual annual championship now in its 9th year.  The Defending Champion 2011 was border collie, Ich and handler Richard Wright.  Richard is no stranger to the title, having twice won the Challenge previously in 2009 and 2004.  Other past champions have included Alison Roets with Ostara (2010), Rob Evans with Riley (2005) and Linda Squair with Debbie (2008 and 2006), all of whom have represented South Africa internationally multiple times and achieved notable results at top levels.

Nutriphase Animal Carnival sponsor, Kym Wright of Pick n Pay and Judge, Bobby Boyd with the 2012 Nutriphase Agility Grand Challenge Champion, Chace (border collie) with handler, Julie Yates, when the two won the prestigious title at Kyalami this weekend

“The event has been a super success.  It was wonderful to see so many animal lovers coming together to enjoy all the excitement and fun that the world of dog sport has to offer in South Africa,” said Kym Wright of Pick n Pay.  “Nutriphase Exclusive to Pick n Pay has sponsored the Animal Carnival for ten years and every year the show gets bigger and better,” she said.  Combined prize money awarded by Nutriphase Premium Pet Food Exclusive to Pick n Pay amounted to more than R15,000 for the Nutriphase Animal Carnival 2012.  Other prizes included Nutriphase premium pet food and Pick n Pay pet product hampers.

Show exhibitors had been carefully selected to align with the show’s purpose of promoting responsible pet care and ownership had an equally good time.  “The Animal Carnival was great exposure for Sentient Beings and the Polar products about which I am so passionate.  I think it showcased responsible and loving pet ownership beautifully and I was really proud to be associated with it,” said Fiona Markham of Sentient Beings.  Also exhibiting at the show were Claudia and Judd Sherrin of Canine Zone Cesar’s who joined in the fun with their pugs at the Nutriphase Pooch Pageant on Easter Sunday.

Nutriphase Agility Grand Champion 2012, Chace, a super-fast and accurate border collie handled by Julie Yates, who went through to win the title and beat 26 other competing dogs in the championship at the Nutriphase Animal Carnival in Kyalami this weekend

The 2012 Animal Carnival received a total of 134 entries for all classes, with 91 dogs having competed in the agility, dog jumping, dog dancing and flyball competitions.  Entry fees were donated to animal welfare organisations including Animal Ambulance and Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre who were present to receive their donations on Easter Sunday Dog Fun Day.

Issued on behalf of Nutriphase Animal Carnival 2012 by candy tothill | ca-t group: sustainability, communications, events | tel: 011 792 0533 | fax: 086 503 3864 | cell: 084 516 7525 | | po box 3503, pinegowrie, 2123

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Devoted To Dogs

Gill : 17 January 2012 8:02 am : Agility, Dogs in the News, Responsible Dog Ownership

Devoted to dogs pretty much sums up our last 10 days. The long awaited Agility Workshops had arrived and it’s been fantastic! We kicked off on Friday the 6th and took part in the first agility workshop presented by Lucy Osborne, agility handler and trainer, from the UK.

Following hot on it’s heels, at 30 plus degrees, was the first leg of the Agility Summer Series. This is such a wonderful opportunity to train your dogs in a show environment and we had loads of fun.

At The Summer Series

For those of you unfamiliar with the world of dog shows and going ‘Ag, shame’ because the dogs are in crates, this is to ensure their safety and provide them with a cool place to rest between turns and going for walks. Most agility dogs see their crates as a safe haven where they can relax peacefully. With the heat we have at times, leaving them in the car is not an option.

Competing At The Summer Series

Sunday moved on to a scorcher of a day with the Mock Show held at Jump Agility Dogs and judged by Lee Gibson, also from the UK. The dogs did their rounds and were timed and then the course was analysed. Lee explained his course design and the skills he was testing and Lucy went though the most efficient way of handling the course. Everyone present learnt a huge amount and the atmosphere was fantastic. Handlers and dogs then re-ran the course applying what they had learnt.

The Mock Show Attendees

Monday saw us at a workshop at Agility Academy and this was without a doubt the best workshop we attended. It was on building drive and motivation and seeing our dogs kicking into action was amazing. Watching some of them, no names mentioned, trying all the cheats they could think of to get the reward without doing the work was an absolute scream. Lee was holding a private lesson next to our workshop, with Lucy, and asked if he could join us because it sounded like so much fun!

Tuesday and Wednesday Daks and I had a break from agility but there were workshops and a KUSA judges refresher course at Cape Handlers Dog Club. Then, Thursday saw us at Leg 2 of the Summer Series. It started at 6pm and was the first time we’ve competed in the evening which was great. The only comments I’ve heard regarding the summer series have been positive so well done to the KUSA Western Province Agility Sub-Committee for organising.

Taking a Break

And we weren’t done yet! Friday we had more workshops and Saturday Leg 3 of the Summer Series. This time has been wonderful and so motivating for everyone. What really stood out for me was the positive participation and atmosphere at all these events. All the courses are available on the internet for those interested. Check out Lee’s blog and Lucy’s blog for their courses, as well as some photo’s, and the Dogs In Action website for the Summer Series courses.

Kath, you did it again. For three years running, you’ve organised the most amazing workshops. Thank you.

Lee, Kath and Lucy At Jump

Also devoted to dogs this week was the front page of The Chronicle, a local community newspaper. The headline reads ‘Cape Town Dogs To The Rescue’ and the article is about starting a local branch of the K9 Search and Rescue Association. Our dogs and their handlers will be off to Johannesburg in March this year to try and qualify to operate in Cape Town. We wish them all the best.

Photo Credit: Mock Show Attendees – Lee Gibson

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Saturday At Sandringham

Gill : 8 November 2011 6:00 am : Agility, Articles, Events

What a perfect day we had today. In the morning we goofed off at home, relaxing and sleeping a bit late then reading with my best boy cuddling close.

Midday saw us heading off down the N1 to the Western Province Dog Jumping Demo at Sandringham, where the Cape Dairy Experience was on. The weather was kind. Not too cold, not too hot, and a nice gentle breeze. Cows around and a massive marquee with the best dairy products available.

Sandringham Cape Dairy Experience

After watching the carting, the dog jumping course was built and we waited for our turn. As I surveyed the course, my heart sank. There, at either end of the tunnel, were bags of dog food supplied by the sponsor, as prizes. Oh oh! We’d experienced this once before at the V&A Waterfront. My boy cannot resist the draw of these bags. I knew we’d lost before we’d started.

V&A Waterfront Dog Jumping Demo

While waiting for our turn, we walked around and people dropped in to say hi and fuss over my boy. He was in his element. There’s nothing like a whole lot of people making friends with him to make him happy. At one stage, there was a toddler who’d spread their entire body across his back, had their arms around his neck and was kissing him on the head. My boy never grew up with children but is the gentlest soul you could wish to meet. He’s an ambassador for canines wordwide and I’m forever grateful for his wonderful nature.

Making Friends

Next thing, we were on. Daks did a perfect ‘start-line stay’ and took off like a rocket! Two jumps and then …. onto the bag of food and trying to rip it open. The only way to get him off the bags of food was to take him by the collar. Whoops. Eliminated for touching your dog. After that, he worked really nicely. Ran at a good speed and had such fun. We messed up our weave poles a little but he was great!

Our second turn was similar, except he spotted a whole line of bags of food near the start line so pounced on them before even doing the first jump! Once he got going he worked well until coming out of the tunnel …….. more bags of food Mom!

Bags Of Food Don't Bother All Breeds

You may wonder how eliminating and jumping on bags of food can equate to a perfect day? For me, a day when we have fun together and laugh and make others laugh is just that. Perfect. If I’d taken the names of all the people who checked in to say hi to my boy their numbers would have been in the sixties.

Because it was a demo, even if you eliminate, the fact that you arrived and took part puts you in the running for a prize. There were only three dogs in our category so, despite pouncing on the food, we managed to come in …. well ….. third. Daksy’s persistance paid off and he got a bag of food after all. We also got a happy day-glow yellow rozette (Yay!).

I Got It

An extra special thank you must go out to the vendors at the Nuwehoogt Cheese stall who were very insistant in calling us over to chat. My boy got to sample the tastiest cheeses and they were given to him, not stolen.

Checking Out The Cheese Stalls

Sometimes when you think you’ve lost and the results confirm this, you’ve actually won :) We went home feeling like winners.

PS To those of you that where there, please note that I haven’t mentioned the cake with the bright blue icing that was placed almost directly under my dogs’ nose and that he launched himself into. Ending up with a bright blue chin! Some things are best forgotten. Like getting over the shock of this experience and then hearing someone say “Would you like a piece of cake?”, turning around to say “No thank you” and seeing a piece of cake flying through the air straight into the beagles waiting mouth!

Photo Credits: V&A Waterfront – Shannon Jacoby

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