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About us

Welcome to Doggy News. How did we get here? Well, it’s a long story. I have a friend who loves computers and she has two friends who love dogs. While she was living in the UK, every email she received from us was about dogs … dogs … dogs. She decided we needed a wider audience and registered doggynews, throwing us over the cliff into blogging.


Doggynews has changed since it’s inception and the reward is always in getting an email from a reader asking where they can find a trainer or classes or some item for their dog.

My hope is that people who come across this site and be inspired. Whether it be to invent a new treat recipe, take up a new hobby with their dog or find a new place to walk. My dog brings me so much pleasure and my wish for every dog lover out there is that they can discover the real joy of companionship and team work with their dog.


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