Jul 30

Nursery Ravine


I’ve done Nursery Ravine a few times in the past but Daks and I haven’t done it together. We tackled it on Sunday and enjoyed the walk but did find it a little restrictive with all the leash laws and no dog pathways from Kirstenbosch Gardens. I guess we’ve just been spoilt with all the off leash walks we enjoy in the area.



We entered at Rycroft Gate, entrance is R55 for adults and you need your Activity Card for your dog to gain entry. We headed up to the left on the dog walking path, continuing left into a portion of Cecelia Forest where the dogs could be off lead. It was a brilliant, sunny day and not too warm with no wind so we had a lovely walk.

Daks had some doggy company as his ‘cousin’, Riley the labby, and family were with us.


Once you get down to the Ravine, it’s all dogs on lead and quite a steep ascent and descent. So I wouldn’t recommend it if your dog is super strong and pulls on leash 😉





We enjoyed the walk but I can’t see it becoming a regular one for us. Society places so many restrictions on our dogs, often with good reason and for their safety, that I’d rather spend our weekend walks in places where there is more freedom for well behaved and well socialised dogs.


I’m including a map of the on leash/no dog areas for your convenience.

No dogs

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Jul 26

Glamping at Buffalo Drift


We had an amazing weekend away at the Tented Camp at Buffalo Drift. Generally we hire a cottage when we go away and this was our first time ‘glamping’. It was wonderful and peaceful next to the river and while I thought it may be cold at night we slept nice and snug and found the tent very comfortable.


The days saw us taking long walks and we were amazed by the variety there in terms of the vegetation. The farm is exceptionally neat and tidy and everything is very well maintained. An added plus it that it’s just outside Gouda so a really quick drive from Cape Town enabling you to maximize the use of your time away.

Each tent has a canoe with paddles really, if walking is your thing, there’s loads of space and the walks are all flat so the entire family can join in. Definitely a repeat destination for us.









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Jun 22

Pack a Wagging Winter Shoebox to Keep One Pet Warm This Winter

Last weekend it rained cats and dogs!

The first heavy winter rain hit the coast of Cape Town with a blast this past weekend. After an extremely dry summer Capetonians rejoiced to see our dam levels rising, our rivers flowing strongly and our earth soaking up the much needed and long awaited rain. In times like these I am always torn. I rejoice for the rain that our country desperately needs, but my heart breaks for the people and animals living without shelter and who need to face the icy cold Cape Town weather.

This past Sunday the rain was falling especially hard. If you have ever visited the Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha or the Khayelitsha community you will understand our concern about the rain and cold weather.

Many animals in the community live outside and do not have shelter. Many yards are not enclosed allowing pets to roam the streets in the rain.

At Mdzananda our hospital and theatre facility is filled with patients suffering from an illness, bone fracture or waiting to be sterilized. We also have many stray animals looking for forever homes living in our small shelter facility. Each pet needs to get daily exercise to help them recover, needs access to fresh air and sunlight and time outside to urinate. With the heavy rain you can imagine what a circus it turned out to be to ensure that all pets had their time outside.

Staff members ran up and down to attend to all the pets and by the end of the day they all looked like drowned rats!

Apart from our staff being drenched, our pets were cold too. Each pet had to be wrapped in a blanket and each cage covered with two or more blankets to ensure that they stay warm. Our electric heaters were switched on and water bottles heated up.

We know that our supporters and the public want to help, but they do not always know how to do so. This winter we have created an easy way for the public to help us keep the pets of Khayelitsha warm. We are excited to launch our first ever “Wagging Winter Shoebox” campaign. Not everyone has the funds to donate towards looking after a pet, but many people are able to pack a shoebox full of goodies. In this way we have made it as easy as possible for people to get involved.

Wagging Winter Shoebox

Donate a Wagging Winter Shoebox
Choose if you would like to pack a shoebox for a puppy, dog, cat or kitten. Fill the box with our desired items and drop it at one of our drop spots.

Puppy Shoebox – Hills A/D tinned food (for recovering pups), Milko Pup (for bottle fed pups), puppy food (soft or hard), washing powder (to wash blankets) and a roll of black bags (for daily disposal of dirty newspaper cage lining)

Dog Shoebox – Soft tinned food, pellet dog food, lead, collar, chewy treat, washing powder (to wash blankets) and a roll of black bags (for daily disposal of dirty newspaper cage lining)

Cat Shoebox – Soft food, pellet cat food, cat litter, catnip treat, washing powder (to wash blankets) and a roll of black bags (for daily disposal of dirty newspaper cage lining)

Kitten Shoebox – Hills A/D tinned food (for recovering kittens), soft food, pellet cat food, cat litter, catnip treat, washing powder (to wash blankets) and a roll of black bags (for daily disposal of dirty newspaper cage lining)

Drop spots:
– Mdzananda Animal Clinic, 21297 Govan Mbeki Road, Khayelitsh,
– 2A Pavilion Place, 281 Beach Road, Sea point (24h security)
– 4 Bay Beach Avenue, Sunset Links, Milnerton (contact Gretha to arrange time 083 450 4563)
– Mowbray Veterinary Clinic, 84 Durban Road, Mowbray
– Hillside Veterinary Clinic, 14 Bay View Rd, Wynberg
– Melody Ridge, Sonstraal Heights, Durbanville (contact Kerry-Lee to arrange time 082 297 6048)

If you prefer to sponsor a shoebox instead of packing a box this is also very welcome.
– Puppy Shoebox – R350
– Dog Shoebox – R335
– Cat Shoebox – R200
– Kitten Shoe Box – R300

Bank Details: Mdzananda Animal Clinic, Standard Bank, Account number: 075595710, Branch: Rondebosch, Branch Code: 025009, Use the relevant reference: Pupbox + your name / Dogbox + yourname / Catbox + yourname / Kittenbox + yourname

For more information visit our website on www.mdzananda.co.za or contact us on 082 357 7613

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